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PE-22-28 is a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring peptide spading, which binds to TREK-1.

TREK-1 is found in regions of the brain controlling mood, memory, and learning.

Spadin is a secreted peptide derived from sortilin. It is an antagonist of the TREK-1 (TWIK-related-potassium channel) receptor, a two-pore potassium channel identified as a potential target in the treatment of depression and as a possible neurogenic regulator. Early studies in mice have shown that deleting the TREK-1 receptor makes them resistant to depression. Similarly, treatment with sortilin leads to resistance to depression and boosts the growth of both neurons and the synaptic interconnections between neurons.

Studies have suggested that blocking TREK-1 with spadin or its derivatives like PE-22-28 could help reduce depression-like symptoms in animal models.

Spadin has also been shown to promote neurogenesis and improve synaptic plasticity, which are essential processes in learning and memory.

PE-22-28 is being researched for applications including antidepressant activity, learning, stroke recovery and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s

Molecular Formula: C35H55N11O9

Sequence: GVSWGLR

Molecular Weight: 773.8947 g/mol

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