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Crystagen 20mg

Crystagen 20mg
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Crystagen 20mg
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Crystagen 20mg

Your Gateway to the Secrets of Crystagen

Crystagen is a short peptide showing substantial potential in improving immune function, defending against age-related changes, and enhancing overall health. Studies suggest immunomodulatory effects such as normalizing the immunogram, amplifying T-cell activity, maintaining thymic integrity, and stimulating immune cell proliferation. Additionally, Crystagen has demonstrated potential antitumor activity and a reduced incidence of respiratory viral infections in athletes.

Discover the Immune-Promoting Potential

Dive into an enlightening exploration of Crystagen and its role in promoting immune health and well-being. The peptide's potential in immunomodulation and enhancing resistance against ageing and disease is an exciting area of research.


Sequence: Glu-Asp-Pro
Molecular Weight: 359.33. g/mol
Storage Conditions: -20 °C
Sub-category Research Area: Peptides, Immune Modulation
Usage: Research use


Enhance your research with our high-quality Crystagen 20mg. All products sold are strictly for research use only. We aim to process all orders placed before 4 pm on the same weekday.

What You Will Receive:

Our vials of Crystagen arrive in a freeze-dried, lyophilized form. They require a suitable mixing solution for reconstitution, also available on our website.

Unit Quantity: 1 vial
Unit Size: 20mg

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