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10ml Acetic Acid 0.6% -

for use with Long Chain Peptides etc.

Improved Solubility for Reconstitution of Bacteriostatic Water.

Liquid acetic acid is a hydrophilic (polarprotic solvent, similar to ethanol and water. With a moderate relative static permittivity (dielectric constant) of 6.2, it dissolves not only polar compounds such as inorganic salts and sugars but also non-polar compounds such as oils and elements such as sulphur and iodine. It readily mixes with other polar and nonpolar solvents such as water, chloroform, and hexane. With higher alkanes (starting with octane), acetic acid is not completely miscible, and its miscibility declines with longer n-alkanes. The solvent and miscibility properties of acetic acid make it a useful industrial chemical, for example, as a solvent in the production of dimethyl terephthalate.

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Physical and chemical properties
Physical Appearance Clear solution
Research use
Caution Bacteriostatic Water, 0.9% Sodium Chloride, Bac Water. Lab use only

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​Not for human consumption

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