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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept bank transfers, bitcoin and card payments ( limited countries ).

At the checkout, you will be asked which payment method you would like to use.

Bank Transfer

It is simple to make a bank transfer with your online banking, Mobile banking app, or you can also make the transfer in branch. 

Please ensure you confirm your order.

Please note: If you pay into our account using another person's bank account such as your partner's / friend's account. Please contact us and tell us the name of the bank account with your order ID number to avoid any delays in postage times.


Once you confirm your order, a pop-up screen should appear with a QR code use this to make the payment or use the wallet address. This process will usually take an hour before the order is confirmed, in some occasions, this can be longer if your screen has timed out don't worry our system will complete the order once the payment has been successful.

Card Payment By Link

UK customers, once you have confirmed your order. We will manually create your unique link which we will email to you. If you have made the order out of working hours, we will process your link on the next working day.

International customers can process the order once you have confirmed your order.

If you are waiting for your card payment link, please allow us one hour to manually create your secure payment link.

Once ready, we will email you with this. If you have made the order out of working hours, we will process the payment link the next working day.

All payments are shown on your statement as Starflex Systems

We offer DPD Express, which is usually a next working day delivery service for £3.80.
If you need your parcel for Saturday, we have added this option for an additional fee.

For international orders we use Royal Mail as a standard shipping method we would highly recommend DHL Express if we have the option available for your country in most cases parcels are with the client within 48 hours using DHL Express.

Thank you for the order.

We do not confirm payments as we get a large number of orders every day. This would take too much time to respond back to every order that is paid.

1. When you place an order, you receive a confirmation email with payment instructions and your order number. 

2. When your payment reaches our account, we will ship the same working day if the payment has reached our account before 3:30 pm ( Monday – Friday )

3. Once we have dispatched your order, you will receive an email with your tracking details.
Please use these details to keep track of your parcel; it is not our job to follow each parcel we dispatch.

Some international payments can take up to 3 days for the payment to show in our account.
Once payment shows we will ship items the same day and we will send you a confirmation with tracking.

As a research company, we advise everyone who contacts us with interest in peptides to undertake research and learn about what they are and what they do.

UK-Peptides Products are sold strictly for research purposes only. Please do not ask about human consumption as this is forbidden

Any emails or phone calls asking about this will be ignored.

Due to the research product that we sell, it is impossible that we take any item back for a refund, this is stated in the terms and conditions.

The reason we cannot accept returns are due to the health protection and hygiene reasons which are stated Exemptions to online returns.

If you have paid for an order and the order has not yet been shipped and you would like to cancel the order for a refund we will happily help you with this please contact us via the contact form.

Each aliquot of a peptide is deposited into each vial via a machine. The vial is then stoppered and moved inside the lyophilizer. Once in the lyophilizer, the vial is then given a nitrogen flush to rid any contaminates. This is the phase that will determine the appearance of the contents. Sometimes the water vapour can escape the vial where it goes from a solid to a gas without ever going through a liquid phase. This will make the contents adhere to the sides of the vial leaving very little to see by the naked eye.

Other times, depending on several other factors including temperature, the appearance can look like a solid puck, a few smaller pucks, a powder material, or even just a few specks, but the amount of actual material is the same. When freeze-drying products without any matrix (sucrose or mannitol for example) sometimes the residual water of hydration will cause a collapse via hydration of product before it fully dries. In other words, when the water from the ice crystals is removed what remains prior to secondary drying (when the chamber is warmed) can combine and solubilize the remaining material causing it to collapse.

Sometimes it forms crystals and sometimes it forms films dependent upon how much there is local melting and what the temperature and vacuum levels are at the time of the collapse. Very complicated but it tends to happen far less when sucrose, for example, is around since the sugar hydrogen bonds to the protein/peptide like the water did and thus less water remains bound as the water of hydration
We get hundreds of orders a week and we send the tracking details for the customer to keep track of their email or if they have any problems they can ring their local postal service by quoting their tracking number.

DPD Local: We allow 3 working days before we can investigate with the order, please ensure you have checked your tracking information before contacting us.

DHL Express: Depending on your country we have to allow 5 - 10 days before DHL will investigate the order. Please ensure you check your tracking before contacting us.

Royal Mail / GLS We cannot investigate the order until 28 working days have passed. Please ensure you check your tracking before contacting us.

We have many international customers. We cover most countries, Europe, USA, Australia, UAE and Russia, to name a few.

Please ensure you have checked with your local laws regarding research Peptides we are not responsible if your parcel has been seized or destroyed.

We will usually work with the customer if an issue occurs and reship the parcel one more time.