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Customers in Europe

Since the UK has now officially left the European Union, all orders exported to Europe may occur a customs declarations charge.

The import/declarations charge is nothing to do with UK Peptides, we have incurred 5% Brexit charge on all parcels that we send, and we are happy to cover this, as we are happy when our customer's orders arrive in less than 48 hours. 

We have had some customers refusing to make payment for the additional charges, and this leaves us to pay the fee to have the parcel returned, or it will be destroyed for free ( in some countries they charge to dispose of ). 

How are parcels sent?

All of our parcels are sent in a secure discreet box if you have chosen DHL Express it will be packed in a DHL branded waterproof packet.
The invoice will be "Sale of goods", Some customers ask why the parcel isn't sent as a "Gift" unfortunately even a gift will still incur the same import charges, there is nothing we can do to prevent this. ( even if your friend from the UK sends a parcel to Europe you will still have to pay an import fee. )

If your parcel was lost, refused at customs or damaged we will always resend the parcel at least once.

You must be aware that you may be charged an import fee if you refuse to make the payment we will not be able to refund you or make payment for you.

We are offering International customers a further discount on orders, please email for further information.